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Flash counter and KNOX warranty
Using this root method triggers the flash counter (hidden on this device), and sets current binary and system status to custom. Additionally, it will also trigger the KNOX warranty void status.

While the counter and binary and system status are resettable using Triangle Away, the KNOX warranty status change is permanent, and a service center may deny warranty based on this flag - even if the other flags are reset correctly. The KNOX flag being tripped may also prevent certain Samsung KNOX features from working (enterprise security features).


Credit: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1980683

Files to Download:


Step 0:

1. Ŵ Kies ҡѺ http://www.samsung.com/th/support/usefulsoftware/KIES/
2. Setup Kies º
3. ᵡ CF-Auto-Root-trelte-treltexx-smn910c.zip

Step 1: Ū CF-Auto-Root

1. Դͧͧ Note 4
2.  Download Mode : ¡á [Ŵ§+Home+Power] ѹ ˹ҷͤ͹͡ѹçҧͤ» ǡ[§] ͡ ˹ download

3. Դ Odin3-v3.07.exe (ҡᵡ Zip) ͧ PDA 顴͡Ū鹤  CF-Auto-Root-trelte-treltexx-smn910c.tar.md5 (ҡᵡ Zip)

4. ͹ͧ Note 4 ҡѺ  Odin  ᷺ͧ ID:COM 顴 Start ͷӡŪ¤Ѻ
5. üԴҴ 繤 RESET տ

6. ѧҡͧպٷ˹Ҩͻ ѹ稾Ը




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